DPS Teachers Protest Outside COBO

Protesters marched in front of COBO Center, demanding Snyder’s resignation.

Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

More than 100 protesters marched outside of COBO Center this afternoon demanding Governor Rick Snyder’s resignation. The demonstration took place after more than 80 schools were closed today as part of a teacher sick-out.

Stephanie Beal is a parent of four children enrolled in DPS. She says the sick-outs are the only way for teachers to be heard.

“The students want to be in school, just as well as the teachers. They want to be there teaching the students,” Beal says. “But when their demands and their cries fall on deaf ears, what else can they do? This is the last resort.” 

Beal says her children’s schools face the same challenges as most of DPS including over-sized classrooms, lack of supplies, and poor building conditions.