A Preview of the Auto Show 2016

Paul Eisenstein of TheDetroitBureau.com previews the auto show.

Marissa Gawel/WDET

The North American International Auto Show begins next week. Here to help us preview what to expect at this year’s show is Paul Eisenstein, publisher of The Detroit Bureau (www.thedetroitbureau.com). He joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

What is the intersection of CES and automobiles?  Does the future of auto industry have a direct connection to your mobile phone? 

Autonomous vehicles are making news and beginning to take center stage. What are the concept cars auto show goers are likely to see this year?

VW will be also introducing electric vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show, but the focus is still on their diesel issue.  VW head says he’s focused on the fix, not the cost, of the diesel scandal.  What do you think the reception will be to VW’s new products be at NAIAS?