The Year in News: Looking Back at Detroit’s Bankruptcy, 2016 Presidential Race

Ali Harb, of The Arab American News, and Keith Owens, of The Michigan Chronicle, discuss the year in news.

As the end of 2015 rapidly approaches, Detroit Today is taking a look back at the year in news. It’s been a big news year with Detroit exiting bankruptcy and the beginning of the 2016 presidential race. Joining Host Stephen Henderson in the studio to take a look back is Ali Harb, reporter with The Arab American News, and Keith Owens, editor of The Michigan Chronicle.

Here are a few topics they addressed:

Syrian Refugees: Harb says Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has disappointed the Arab-American community with his recent stance on the Syrian refugee crisis, especially, when Snyder refers to himself as the “pro-immigration governor.”

Trump and the Republicans: Owens believes the Republicans are having a difficult time trying to back away from presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  According to Owens, the GOP has let Trump go unchecked for so long that, “the lunatics are running the asylum.”

Detroit Bankruptcy, one year later:  Stephen, Harb and Owens all agree that something needed to happen to get Detroit’s financial house in order and that a year after the bankruptcy, Detroit’s city services are better and there is a stronger police presence in the city. Still, Detroit’s poor residents and the city’s neighborhoods are still hurting.

To hear the entire conversation, please click the audio link above.