Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) Serves as Backbone to School Districts

What is Wayne County RESA doing to save failing school districts?

Schools are back in session and Wayne County districts once again face curriculum concerns and financial problems of the past. Superintendent of Wayne County RESA Randy Liepa talks with Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today about RESA’s role as the “back shop of schools” and how the agency aims to improve student achievement.

  • Educational services: Wayne County RESA offers a variety of resources to districts so schools may solely focus on education.  The agency provides financial, technical, and business services support to improve teacher quality and raise student achievement according to Liepa.
  • This year’s obstacles:  According to Liepa, nearly half of the Wayne County Superintendents have less than two years of experience.  RESA aims to offer financial and developmental support to these superintendents so their students can continue to grow and succeed.
  • Priority schools: RESA assists the struggling schools of Wayne County with the help of regional assistance grants from the federal government.  The grants do 3 things: (1) fund professional development that allows teachers to remain up-to-date on curriculum changes, (2) fund transportation and (3) health services training.

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