InsideOut Celebrates 20 Years with New Book

InsideOut Literary Arts Project publishes “To Light a Fire” to celebrate 20-year anniversary and share its history

Founder of InsideOut Terry Blackhawk and Senior Writer Peter Markus talk with Stephen Henderson about the organization’s 20th anniversary and the importance of creative writing to students on Detroit Today.

  • Developing imagination: InsideOut provides students with an outlet to share their experiences creatively through writing workshops.  The program encourages creative magic and asks students of all ages to channel their inner third-grader to become a “natural surrealist”, according to Markus.
  • Insightful essays: The organization celebrates 20 years of success by publishing To Light a Fire, a collection of essays and poems that showcase the magic of InsideOut in Detroit.  The title, according to Blackhawk, is inspired by William Butler Yeats quote, “Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

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