03. The End of a Parent

Listen to Phreddy Wischusen interview his dad about preparing for the end of his 101-year-old grandpa’s life.

The Right Brothers

Meet Phreddy Wischusen.

Henry Wischusen III

His gramps is 101. Well, Phreddy wanted to know – what’s it like for a son to know that his father’s death is coming and how does he prepare for it?

Listen to Phreddy interview his dad about the life of his grandpa, their strained relationship and how the two of them are preparing for the end.


Courtesy of El Dee

Meet El Dee.

They composed the music that scored this third episode. The style of Detroit-based El Dee is a combination of pop, ragtime and motown.

Featuring this dramatic duality, Lauren Deming and her tight-knit group of friends/musicians accurately reproduce this dark, yet singable, collection of passion-drenched, heart-melting, soon-to-be-your-favorite songs. 

Their debut album “Endearment” is available here.

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