Soul On The Air Chronicles Role of Blacks In Detroit Radio

Ed Love, Martha Jean Steinberg and Mojo have each played a role in shaping Detroit radio.

Radio is a medium that has, for nearly a century, entertained Metro Detroiters and chronicled daily life in the city.  African-Americans have played a significant role in fulfilling those missions.  But many of those personalities who helped change broadcast history in the region aren’t widely known today.

Ken Coleman is the author of Soul On Air: Blacks Who Helped to Define Radio in Detroit.  It’s his third book.

Coleman spoke with WDET’s Jerome Vaughn about the project.


  • Jerome Vaughn
    Jerome Vaughn is News Director at 101.9 WDET. His interest in news reporting began when he was five years old, after his mom bought him a yellow Panasonic ball and chain radio.