Hulk Will Smash, And Pose For Pictures, at Motor City Comic Con

The actor who plays TV’s Incredible Hulk and does the voice of the movie monster is coming to the Motor City Comic Con.

courtesy of Motor City Comic Con

One major character in the second edition of the record-breaking Avengers film franchise does not have much dialogue.

But he shows a LOT of emotion.

He’s The Hulk, with a voice provided by someone who knows the green goliath well.

Actor Lou Ferrigno portayed The Incredible Hulk on television.

The movie monster uses a composite of Ferrigno’s roars.

He fought his own monster, losing most of his hearing as a baby yet still becoming a famed bodybuilder, actor and now a guest at this weekend’s Motor City Comic Con.

Ferrigno says it’s the kind of event that would even make the Hulk smile.


  • Quinn Klinefelter

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