Bass Sings Like the Devil in Gounod’s Faust

Michigan Opera Preview: Matt Boehler Performs role of Mephistopheles

Stephen Henderson speaks with Matt Boehler, playing the role of Mephistopheles in Michigan Opera Theater’s production of “Faust” about his first time performing in Detroit and his inspiration within the opera world. Boehler sings an excerpt from the show and talks about his history in opera and the role of the villain. Click the audio link above for the full conversation.

Gounod’s “Faust” is the story of young man who trades eternity for youth and temporal love. Boehler will be playing the role of the devil Mephistopheles who tempts the title character Faust and preys on his human desires. It is an opera in 5 acts sang in French with projected English subtitles. It will be opening at the Detroit Opera House tomorrow at 7:30.

Click the audio link above to listen the full conversation and hear Boehler sing a portion of act 2 live in the WDET studio.