US Department of Education Looks Closely at Higher Education Finances in Michigan

Financial aid at seven Michigan colleges is being monitored by the US Department of Education.

Seven Michigan colleges and universities are being monitored by the U-S Department of Education. Under a program called Heightened Cash Monitoring, the schools must provide detailed information on loans and grant money given to students.

Kuyper College in Grand Rapids is on the list. Spokesperson Ken Capisciolto says the college is being watched because the school failed a financial responsibility test.

“We have demonstrated financial responsibility by an alternate method provided by the department of education.,” Capisciolto says. “We have a debt free school…and so being on the list can be confusing at times but for us we are in compliance with all monitoring provisions of the department.”

Kuyper College is at level one of the Heightened Cash Monitoring list, which is the less severe of two levels. Capisciolto says the students can still receive financial aid while the school is on the list.