Zander the Great: Singer-Songwriter Zander Michigan on the Rise

Zander Michigan wants to be a mega folking star.

“I want my music to convey this sense of confidence that I hope to always carry with me and I think that every artist should carry with them.” 

Zander Michigan

Courtesy of Zander Melidis

With a penchant for traditional folk-blues and his sights on world domination, Zander Melidis, better known as Zander Michigan has a certain gravitas when he talks about his music. He unabashedly holds himself among the ranks of Jack WhitePhil Ochs and of course, Bob Dylan, and it’s not hard to see why. With songs like “Bathtub Gin” and “Cologne & Cigarettes“, Zander is leading the charge to bring folk-revival-revival into the age of rave. It’s one blues-man against the world with WDET’s Travis Wright

– Eli Newman, Culture City assoc. producer