Rep. Candice Miller Readying For Retirement Amid Gridlock

Miller joins host Stephen Henderson to talk about why she is retiring from Congress after over 12 years of service.

Candice Miller is set to retire after serving as the Representative for Michigan’s 10th District for over a decade. Miller joins host Stephen Henderson to talk about the current state of Congress and why she is retiring.

Representative Miller says that she never planned to stay forever.

“That is the beauty of our founding fathers I think, really the genius of it,” Miller says. “You have a person who steps off the stage and the next one comes up.”

Miller says congressional campaigns take a while to get off the ground and her constituents deserve time to make the choice about who should take her place.

“I owe a lot to the people of this district who have been so extraordinarily gracious to me and putting in their trust by virtue of their votes for me,” she says. “They need to have plenty of time to assess the field, it’s already growing, and take a look at all these folks who would like to be the replacement.”

Miller will still be in Congress for the next year-and-a-half, and one of the most important topics she feels needs to be worked on is immigration. She says the U.S. needs better border security, and she says she hopes Congress will take the steps needed to fix what she freely admits is a broken immigration system.

“We have to have the political will as a Congress, I think the people do I’m not sure the Congress does, to really make sure we are securing our borders,” says Miller.