New York Billboards Say “Move to Detroit”

Entrepreneur Philip Kafka is encouraging New York City residents to recognize opportunity in Detroit.

Philip Kafka

Billboards and graffiti in New York City are telling residents there to move to Detroit.  New York entrepreneur Philip Kafka says though the billboards actually advertise a Detroit restaurant he’s a partner in, he installed the messages in New York City to get people thinking about Detroit’s potential. Kafka says since he started visiting the Motor City a few years ago, he’s come to believe Detroit is one of the best places for an artist, in particular, to live.

“Minneapolis is a vibrant city. Charleston, South Carolina is a vibrant city, but none of those cities match the intrinsic value that Detroit has. Detroit gave opportunity to so many Americans, and then it took it away, and it’s fascinating, that roller coaster that’s occurred in Detroit has built this place that’s very interesting.”

Kafka says he’s received a lot of positive feedback from New Yorkers about the signs, but Detroiters have been more critical. He says he is not responsible for the “Move to Detroit” graffiti, but does plan to install four more Detroit billboards around New York City neighborhoods. 

Philip Kafka
Future billboard.