Blind Snake
Bobby Rush Blind Snake
When Your Give A Damn Just Don't Give A Damn Anymo
Ms. Jody Ms. Jody's In The House
Southern Soul Party
Floyd Taylor You Still Got It
Get Your Money Where YOu Spend Your Time
Bobby "Blue" Bland Blues You Can Use
Booga Bear
Bobby Rush Hen Pecked
I'm A Man On A Mission
Willie Hill I'm A Man On A Mission
Your Husband Is Cheating On Us
Denise LaSalle Right Place, Wrong Time
You Got To Cheat
T K Soul The Evolution of Soul
Last Two Dollars
Johnnie Taylor Good Love
Little Bluebird
Johnnie Taylor Little Bluebird
Everything's Going Up
Mel Waiters I Ain't Gone Do It
Too Much Booty Shakin'
Sir Jonathan Burton Club Southern Soul 1
Booty Roll
Steve Perry The Best of Steve Perry
I Came To Party
Sir Charles Jones My Story
Be Honest With Me
Tyrone Davis Back To The Future Years
Why Me?
Reggie P. Why Me?
Bar Wars
Willie Jackson Bar Wars
Sugie Otis Freedom Flight
Ain't God Something
Bobby "Blue" Bland A Tribute To Gospel