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  • Aug 20

    Your reaction to the death of James Foley

    We hear from friends and colleagues of James Foley following his death.
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  • Aug 19

    Live from St Charles, Missouri

    We hear from a mainly white area of Missouri to hear about the Ferguson shooting, the police, the rioting, and how different communities co-exist in their city.
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  • Aug 18

    Live from Ferguson, Missouri

    We are in Ferguson, St Louis, Missouri hearing from the community there as it continues to react to the killing of teenager Michael Brown. Protests over the police shooting of the 18 year old continued over the weekend and there's a growing debate in America over race, inequality and police tactics. A preliminary, private post-mortem report is reported to say that Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head. Missouri state has sent in the National guard in an effort to restore order.
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  • Aug 15

    Fear on the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak

    A global health official says the frontline in the Ebola outbreak is moving faster than doctors can deal with it and that it could take six months to contain the deadly epidemic. We hear from those who live in countries affected by Ebola and from health officials who are trying to stop its spread.
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  • Aug 14

    What is it like to be a black teenager in America?

    The killing of Michael Brown has caused a huge debate across social media about the way young black men are viewed in the US - by the police, by the media, by white Americans, and by their peers. The hashtag #iftheygunnedmedown in particular has highlighted this. We hear from black American teens discussing their lives.
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