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  • Jan 26

    WHYS: Greece's Challenge to Europe

    The victory of the anti-austerity Syriza party has overturned decades of centrist politics in Greece. But how realistic is the seductive promise of an end to ‘national humiliation and pain’? And will Europe agree to give the Greeks what they want? World Have Your Say gets Greek and Worldwide reaction.
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  • Jan 23

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies

    We hear from Saudis on how they view their country today following the death of King Abdullah.
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  • Jan 22

    WHYS: What's going on in Ukraine?

    Chloe Tilley speaks to people in Donetsk after bitter fighting between government troops and pro Russian rebels in recent weeks. This has led to the Ukrainian military withdrawing from the main part of the city's airport.
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  • Jan 21

    WHYS: Is menstruation "Taboo"?

    Is the menstrual cycle the "last taboo" for women in sport? World Have Your Say discusses the subject after British player Heather Watson admitted feeling unwell during the Australian Open because of 'girl things'.
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