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Meet Kyle's Challenge

Wednesday, October 9th

UPDATE: 211 listeners have stepped up to meet Kyle's Challenge

Over 200 listeners stepped up to meet Kyle's Challenge today, activating $30,000 in free promotional airtime for six deserving non-profits that are making a difference in the lives of local kids. These organizations would never be able to afford this type of promotional support and WDET listeners, like you, made it possible!

"To me there's no better way to celebrate Kyle's life than to help kids."

- WDET member Aimee Cowher

Today is a momentous day in WDET's Fall Fundraiser. Today is the day for Kyle's Challenge. Gary Cone and Aimee Cowher, the team behind Global Productivity Solutions, believe in the impact of WDET and our collective ability to make a real difference in our region. So for the second year now, Gary and Aimee have given WDET a very generous gift as a challenge to get you involved in a Community Impact Campaign that can improve the lives of thousands of young people in Southeast Michigan. Kyle's Challenge is simple and profound. If 200 people donate to WDET today - we'll give 6, $5,000 free on-air campaigns to local, youth-focused non-profits.

Hear the story of Gary, Aimee and the Kyle John Foundation:

Meet 6 local non-profits that are making a huge impact in the lives of young people in our region:

Each of these deserving youth-focused charities will receive $5,000 in free promotional airtime on WDET when you help us meet Kyle's Challenge today. That's $30,000 in free airtime! Your support will allow these organizations to raise awareness of the important work they are doing and inform you and other WDET listeners of opportunities to engage with their programs.

Ronald McDonald House of Detroit
Sweet Dreamzzz
The Bottomless Toy Chest
Teen H.Y.P.E.
Summer in the City
The Kyle John Foundation

Make a good thing great. Spread the word!

Let's set a new bar for people in Southeast Michigan banding together to do something great for our region. After you make your gift, challenge your network to do the same!

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Today, I made a real difference. You can, too. Help improve the lives of thousands of children. Meet Kyle's Challenge http://bit.ly/15ZFi46 .

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Today, I helped improve the lives of thousands of children. You can, too. Support @WDET. Meet Kyle's Challenge: http://bit.ly/15ZFi46

Support @WDET. Improve the lives of children. Meet Kyle's Challenge: http://bit.ly/15ZFi46