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How do we talk about kids and guns?

by: Mikel Ellcessor

February 18, 2013


"It becomes clear early on that the adults and children who live, work and learn in this environment are not hardened to the violence; they are wounded and scared, even if the bullets hit someone else. They worry their time will come." - David Carr, The New York Times

How do we talk about kids and guns?

Ira Glass and This American Life have been grappling with that question, something that is not new for many of us in SE Michigan.

This American Life has devoted two full episodes to the violence affecting Harper High School in Chicago. Last school year, 29 current and recent Harper students were shot. Twenty-one were wounded; eight died.

“...I think people are a little fatigued with this kind of story,” said Ira Glass, the program’s host and a former education reporter in Chicago. “We have this burden of trying to come up a story that they have not heard, which is the story of the people who are fighting back in a very real way, and I think radio is intimate enough so you can hear that and feel something about it.”

Even if you are not a parent you have probably considered how you would respond. How is this affecting our young people? What do we want them to know? What are the words we use?

Long before the recent tragedies, WDET and The Craig Fahle Show have reported and convened conversations on these issues. These extraordinary new programs from This American Life will be combined with new conversations on Craig's show. Join us, share the links and join the conversation on line.

It doesn't have to be this way.

J. Mikel Ellcessor
General Manager, WDET

Join us for a special broadcast of Harper High School: Part 2 on Tuesday, Feb 26th at 9am followed by an in-depth conversation at 10am on The Craig Fahle Show. Craig will be taking your calls and we’ll continue the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #wdetkids.

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Tuesday, Feb 19th - Part 1: 7pm
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