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Upgrade To The New WDET

by: Michelle Srbinovich

June 20, 2014

Technology and media are changing at a rapid pace. WDET is rising to meet this challenge as a cutting-edge public media service that is everywhere you are, on any device you choose. Today, you have the opportunity to ensure that WDET is at the forefront of media innovation.

WDET's planned tech upgrades for this summer come at a $50,000 cost and include:

** A refreshed website that works across all of your devices and includes dynamic multimedia content and tools to help you discover new stories and music

** New features for the WDET mobile app, including breaking news alerts and more on-demand content

** State-of-the-art software and hardware to bring you better quality streams. Easily and reliably listen wherever you are - on your computer, mobile app, iTunes Radio and your connected car!

** Additional field recording devices that allow reporters to capture and provide you with sound-rich stories from around our community, bringing more diverse voices and perspectives to our airwaves

The costs of a truly excellent public media service in our community are real.

You can understand how your contribution now - coupled with the gifts of other WDET supporters across Southeast Michigan - will make a big difference in WDET's ability to transcend the limitations of the broadcast tower, prepared for the next generation of listeners.

This region deserves a state-of-the-art public media station. Please do your part now to ensure that WDET is prepared for the future.

This very special group of WDET supporters in our community has pooled together $5,750 as a challenge to YOU:

Benefit Outsourcing Solutions, ASSEMBLE, Detroit Lions, Nora, Global Productivity Solutions, The Donut Hole, Marx Layne Marketing & Public Relations, C and B Scene, Continental Carton & Packaging, Inc. and Grand Circus.Thank You!

Join them in upgrading the station you love and rely on TODAY. Every dollar you give makes a real difference. Here is what members like you have made possible:

$37k Raised of Our $50k Goal

The Break Down

Portable Recorders & Remote Broadcasting Equipment

This allows us to improve our ability to capture audio and broadcast our shows on the road like we've done in the past at The Mackinac Policy Conference and Eastern Market. We will purchase items to improve our remote kit, including new portable recorders, Telos ISDN/IP Remote unit, 8 channel Mackie Mixer, 4 RE-20 Microphones, 4 pair or AKG 1401 headphones, XLR and 1/4 inch cables that will be dedicated to the remote kit, a headphone mixer, and portable remote broadcast furniture.

Streaming Upgrades

We're purchasing a new Dell System to hold both of our Orban Decoder cards which will run both WDET and Alpha. We're also purchasing a license for Wowza, a streaming server software that will enable us to run adaptive bit-rates for both of our streams, no matter what device you are accessing it from. On top of that, we'll be working with NPR and iTunes to incorporate our stream into iTunes radio and eventually the in-dash apps that GM and other automotive manufacturers will be putting in their cars. The new equipment and software will allow us to sound better over the streams and allow us to reach people in more places.

Website Redesign

We will be working with a team of developers and designers to improve the design and functionality of wdet.org. Most notably, the new site will be designed to work on any device you're using - mobile, tablet or desktop. We are also working to incorporate new features that make our site easier to navigate and present more dynamic multimedia content.

Expanded Music & News Storage

We will buy a new file server which will increase our storage limit by 4xs of what we currently have with future expandability options. This allows us to share audio, documents and other digital data more efficiently and securely.

Mobile App Upgrade

Our mobile app upgrade is set to enhance the streaming quality of our on-demand listening feature. Additionally, we are working to add new functions like breaking news alerts, integration of our news, arts/culture and digital content streams, and an event listing of things happening around the metro Detroit area.