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WDET's Continuous Coverage of the Events in Boston

by: Mikel Ellcessor

April 19, 2013


All afternoon, WDET will present special coverage from The Takeaway, broadcasting live from Boston, and NPR.

NPR's coverage will be hosted by Steve Inskeep, David Greene, Audie Cornish and Rachel Martin.

WDET will carry any press conferences offered by law enforcement or Massachusetts authorities.

WDET's social media will keep you connected and we encourage you to let us know what you are hearing, what you are thinking and what questions we can answer via Facebook and Twitter. We know it is a challenge to absorb all of the new, and sometimes contradictory, information. In the rush of events, context is falling to the wayside in some news outlets.

With that in mind, today’s Craig Fahle Show featured Andy Arena, former FBI Special Agent in Charge for Southeast Michigan, Saeed Khan, a Wayne State University expert on Middle and Near East, and a conversation with Wayne State's Aaron Retish, a scholar on Russia and the former Soviet Republics. You can revisit today's show on our site or our Soundcloud page.

With the circumstances this morning in Boston, and the need to provide you with the most complete coverage possible, we’ve temporarily suspended the fundraiser.

We'll resume the fundraiser when we feel confident that our promise to you - the news and information you need, when you need it - won't be compromised by that work.

In the meantime, you can support WDET with your gift via our secure online form.

Thanks so much.

Mikel Ellcessor
General Manager, WDET