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How To Turn $5 Into 20 Books For Kids

April 18, 2013

Easy. Important. When you add $5 to your WDET gift, you put 20 books in the hands of local kids in need.

Did you know that having books in the home can add more than THREE YEARS to a child's education? That's the difference between a 9th grade education and a High School Diploma!

There are many struggling parents throughout Southeast Michigan who can't find room in their budgets for books and crayons. Parents want their children to learn to read, to own a book. They want their children to succeed academically and they know the key is the joy of reading. These families need your help and WDET is making it easy to lend a hand.

Operation: Kid Equip is a veritable school supply store where metro-area teachers come to "shop" for books and school supplies for children whose families can't afford them. We've partnered with the Troy-based organization on a Books For Kids drive. When you make any donation in support of WDET during our Spring Fundraiser, you'll have the opportunity to add $5 with the simple check of a box. That small amount will become TWENTY books that Operation: Kid Equip will help us distribute to kids in need. It's a small gift for a big impact.