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A Call To Action: 30 Days. 10,000 Volunteer Hours For Detroit. Make Your Volunteer Pledge Today!

February 22, 2012

Over 400 people from Detroit and its surrounding suburbs came out to Wayne State University tonight to respond to WDET's Call To Action. WDET's Craig Fahle and Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh hosted the event, which kicked off our 30 day sprint to unlock 10,000 new volunteer hours in the city. Data Driven Detroit's Kurt Metzger presented jam packed slides (posted below) full of insightful data on Detroit's population and how the metro area ranks when it comes to volunteering. LOVELAND presented a new and interactive tool (above) that matches volunteers' passions with organizations that need their help.

Now it's time for YOU to get involved.

Make your volunteer pledge today by visiting action.wdet.org, then contact your selected organization to set up a time to follow through on your promise.
With your help, we can bring REAL change to this city.


Download the Call To Action Presentation Deck (featuring Kurt Metzger's Data Driven Detroit slides) and share this information with others to spread the knowledge.

Learn how to use the new tool from LOVELAND (and get some background on how it came to be) by reading this blog post from LOVELAND's Jerry Paffendorf.

Check back for a video of the evening provided by Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh's team and links from the individuals who shared best practices with us!

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