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Facts Matter: What Does Rush Limbaugh REALLY Know About Detroit?

by: WDET Staff

August 2, 2013

In a recent interview, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News asked Limbaugh, “In the arena of ideas, what would you do to solve a problem like Detroit.”

While Mr. Limbaugh never actually answered the question, we’ve checked the facts on what he did have to say. Take a look and tell us - what does Rush Limbaugh really know about Detroit?

Rush Limbaugh’s radio program is broadcast weekdays from Noon to 3p.m. on WJR in Detroit, a Cumulus Media owned radio station. WJR calls itself “The Great Voice of The Great Lakes.”

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Upon the death of Coleman Young, Republican Michigan Governor John Engler called the former Democratic mayor "a man of his word who was willing to work with anyone, regardless of party or politics, to help Detroit -- the city he loved and fought for all his life." (CNN)