The Sunday Sessions

The Sunday Sessions 004: DJ Ohkang

DJ Ohkang began to touch the “Wheels of Steel” around 2004 alongside Brad Hales (People's Records), Dj Houseshoes, Dj Dez, and MyGodCmplx. From there, he broadened his musical palette by playing various Soul Nights in and around Detroit, Chicago and various Midwest music venues. He became known as “The 45 Prince,” with his knowledge of the Northern Soul music genre and his penchant for playing 45 b-side records.

DJ Ohkang is also a producer, mainly showcasing his work under his rap/hip hop group, Blackreign & Ohkang. He has also recorded, mixed and produced for various artists in Detroit including hip hop lyricist Blake Eerie (Butter-Made Records) , international songstress Neco Redd, and his own Detroit-Techno group B!tchly Bizness.

His musical influences are Barry White, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and any artist who has put out a good 45 B-side.

The title of his Sunday Sessions featured set is “Disco, You're Alright With Me.”

“There's was a lot of heavy funk and soul in disco,” he said “People almost forget disco, but the with the selected grooves that I chose to be on the set, I hope to take listeners back in time to when it was a music and cultural manifesto. My job in this mix it to play the cuts mostly everyone forgot.”

For more information on DJ Ohkang, visit: /ohkang