The Sunday Sessions

DJ MyGodComplex presents "Rudy Davis at the Sour Apple Disco" mix on tonight's Sunday's Sessions

DJ MyGodComplex is a DJ/artist/producer/photographer who has worked with various Detroit-based and regional/national acts. Heavily influenced by alternative soul, disco, funk and hip hop genres, MyGodComplex recently transplanted from Detroit to South Carolina, yet makes a return visit to the Sunday Sessions bearing music gifts.

His mix is titled: Rudy Davis At The Sour Apple Disco, and is an ode to the Fat Albert animated character known for his super fly 70s-era clothing and urban bravado. Rudy has come to symbolize urban swag in black culture with his sharp dress and smooth talk. He often wore an orange flat cap, purple vest, pink tuxedo and bell-bottomed jeans and boots.

The throwback mix harkens back to a time when disco was king and many a young person would sharpen up on their dance moves to the genre's rhythmic soundtrack.

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