The Sunday Sessions

DJ MyGodComplex to be featured on The Sunday Sessions Show #003

DJ Ken "MyGodComPlex" Williams has been a staple in the Metro Detroit music scene for over 10 years. Mentored by the likes of DJ Dez, DJ Sicari, Houseshoes and Brad Hales, MyGodComPlex began developing his own style which led to various gigs and DJ-theme nights at various venues in the Metro area and a cult following of diverse and devoted music lovers.

MyGodComPlex is the DJ behind the companion mix to author Chris Campbell’s soul music encyclopedias, “The Essential Neo Soul” and “Essential Neo Soul 2.0 as well as the founder of the Instinctive Movement, a member of Detroit's DWNTN'81 tastemaker/DJ collective and is one half of the DJ/production team The 7Mile & Gratiot Express with noted producer Ohkang.

MyGodComplex’s music sound painting has been described as a "genre mash," which interpolates sounds from divergent and dissonant music genres into a seamless mix. His influences include his Detroit DJ mentors along with noted producer/label head Giles Peterson, Jon Oliver, Eli Escobar, The Rub, Rich Medina, Diplo, & the team of Kon & Amir among others.

MyGodComPlex presents a mix made especially for The Sunday Sessions called "Fuel for Moves." This mix was inspired by MyGodComPlex's recent relocation to Greenville, SC. “Fuel for Moves” mixes new and not so new Soul, Hip-Hop and Euro-flavored dance tracks – a mix that is sure to quench the thirst of listeners with eclectic music tastes.

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