Living Arts

WDET STAR recipient Living Arts exists to strengthen the urban neighborhoods of Southwest Detroit by cultivating an environment that sparks the imagination and fosters ingenuity through the arts and community development initiatives.

At the heart of the Living Arts mission is the belief that the mastery of artistic skills should benefit individual creative pursuit and help to develop the broader community. Today, their commitment to youth development and cultural enrichment significantly impacts Southwest Detroit.

Living Arts strives to create a safe, inspiring and engaging environment for youth, and adults alike, to experience the joys of the arts. Beyond learning in the arts, students acquire skills that help them to develop into mature, confident, expressive participants of the community.

In keeping with their pursuit of excellence, they employ professional and developing artists to share their expertise and experience in an engaging way that creates an atmosphere filled with fun, respect and creativity where the students are motivated to excel in all areas of their lives.

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