WDET is encouraging the growth of Metro Detroit's arts and culture scene by helping individual organizations get their message to the broader public. Our goal is to connect amazing people, groups, and visions for the cultural health of the Detroit region. WDET’s Support The Arts (STAR) Program provides free on-air promotion and air-time to Southeastern Michigan’s non-profit arts and cultural organizations. Established to help these organizations reach a wider audience than their modest budgets typically allow for, the STAR Program will spotlight two groups per month with two weeks of dedicated promotion time each, for a total of 36 profiled organizations within a 12-month period.

Learn how to apply here.

If you have any questions about the program, we encourage you to email us at star@wdet.org.

  • Aug 10

    An Invitation from Gary Cone - STAR

    WDET's STAR Program helps regional arts nonprofits that are doing great work on modest budgets. Global Productivity Solutions founder Gary Cone shares why WDET's community initiatives, like STAR, inspire him and his business to do more.

  • Jul 08

    Instilling Style & Grace with WDETSTAR D.A.N.C.E. INC.

    by: Travis Wright

    Dance Incorporated, with locations in Lansing and Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood, provides formal dance instruction for school-aged girls from around the region.Co-Founder Roslyn English spoke with WDET's Travis Wright.

  • May 08

    STAR: Green Living Science Redefines Recycling Education at the Lincoln Street Art Park

    by: Travis Wright

    Green Living Science provides recycling education in a creative format at the Lincoln Street Art Park in Detroit. Executive Director Rachel Klegon spoke the organization’s work with WDET’s Travis Wright.

  • Apr 04

    WDET STAR: Puzzle Piece Theatre's Sweet Serenade

    by: Travis Wright

    Founded by recent Michigan transplant D.B. Schroeder, the Warren-based Puzzle Piece Theatre troupe is one of the newest in the region. Its latest play, "Small Hours Serenade" was written by associate artistic director and actor Laura Heikkinen. WDET's Travis Wright asked her whether she considers herself more of an actor or a playwright.

  • Mar 20

    Meet WDET's Latest STAR Recipient: The Cantata Academy Chorale - STAR

    WDET’s STAR program supports regionally-based arts and culture non-profits. Working hard under a humble budget, the Cantata Academy Chorale is releasing a new CD at the end of the month, coinciding with a performance in Detroit. Director and conductor Sue Cantonese and soprano Lisa Smith spoke with WDET’s Travis Wright.

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