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Trucks and Southwest Detroit - Audio

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Listen to each of the segments of our Trucks and Southwest Detroit series, then discuss them with us on Facebook at the WDET and Craig Fahle Show pages.

Craig Fahle Show 7-6-10: Part 1

Rob St. Mary introduces us to a woman who has fought for over a decade to keep her neighborhood free from trucks. Carmine Palumbo, SEMCOG's transportation director, joins The Craig Fahle Show to discuss SEMCOG's awareness of the issue and what is being done about it.

Craig Fahle Show 7-6-10: Part 2

Craig talks to State Representative Rashida Tlaib about enforcement issues. Is there a similar situation in neighborhoods at other border crossings? Ron Rienas, General Manager of the Buffalo/Ft.Erie Public Bridge Authority, joins the show to explore this further.

Craig Fahle Show 7-7-10: Part 1

Rob St. Mary introduces us to a woman involved in a multi-generational fight to keep truck traffic away from residential streets. Alan Walts, Director of the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance at the EPA discusses air quality in Southwest Detroit.

Craig Fahle Show 7-7-10: Part 2

Noah Ovshinksy explores one of the consequences of the traffic in Southwest - diesel pollution. Detroit Police officer James Dockery, the man in charge of keeping trucks off illegal routes, speaks with Quinn Klinefelter about what he does to keep truckers on the proper path. Dave Bottagello, reporter from The Windsor Star, gives some perspective on the issue from the Canadian side of the border crossing.

Craig Fahle Show 7-8-10: Part 1 Quinn Klinefelter reports that some drivers navigating semis around Detroit say the vast majority of the time, they cannot afford to stray from the approved truck routes. Other drivers say they can't afford not to leave the beaten path.

Craig Fahle Show 7-8-10: Part 2

Our trucker roundtable with Sharon Dolente, Anthony Benavides, and Craig Koby. Sharon, an attorney, has been an active member of the Southwest community for 9 years and has an 11-month old infant. Anthony is a life long resident of Southwest Detroit and is Executive Director of The Clark Park Coalition, a community recreation center which caters to children in the neighborhood. Craig is currently a gravel train driver, bringing fill-in for torn down houses.

Craig Fahle Show 7-9-10: Part 1

Rob St.Mary shares how you can participate further in this project through The Public Insight Network and our texting project with Mobile Commons. MDOT Spokesperson, Bill Schreck, joins the show to discuss their awareness of the issue.

Craig Fahle Show 7-9-10: Part 2

Donelle Wilkins, Executive Director of Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, and Simone Sagovac, Program Manager for Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, join the show. Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice has been following the trucking issue over the last few years and has examined its impact on public health and quality of life for the community. Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision recently received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to help them identify the number one environmental issue in the area. The result was diesel pollution. They're now working to collect volunteers for an in-depth research study on diesel pollution's effects in the neighborhood.

Craig Fahle Show 7-9-10: Part 3

Lynna Kaucheck, Senior Organizer with Clean Water Action, joins the show to discuss the Diesel Cleanup Campaign.