The Progressive Underground

The Progressive Underground: Show 62

On tonight's The Progressive Underground we unveil a boat load of NEW MUSIC as we bump cuts from Lapien, Brandon Williams, Jeebrahil, Flabaire, Sasha Keable, Butcher Brown, IAMNOBODI, D. Strong, John Robinson, Leaf Erikson, Soulphiction, Lord Echo & Leila Adu, Peau, Beat Spacek, Boat Club, Majid Jordan, LaVeda Davis, Tantra Zawadi, Jaidene Veda and Take.

We also roll through classics from Kraftwerk (pictured above), Zhane, Serge Gainsbourg, Steve Miller Band, Khari Cabral, JDilla, Dwele and many more! Tune in to 101.9 FM WDET and at 8:00pm (EST).




Lapien Anvers EP
Holding Curves
Jeebrahil 12" single
Carry On
Life & Limb Life & Limb
Flaiblaire 12" single
Osanha 12" single
The Gathering
D. Strong feat. John Robinson & Leaf Erikson 12" single
Groove Thang
Zhane Zhane
Instant T
Peau Archipel
Keep On
Jeremiah 12" single
Nice Side
Sasha Keable Black Book EP
Schiller Promenade
IAMNOBODI 12" single
Change All Over Me
Indysoul feat. Tantra Zawadi 12" single
Soia 12" single
Tim McAlister 12" single
Georgia Ave.
Butcher Brown Backtracks