Not In Our Town

Recognizing Signs of Light in Metro Detroit

WDET and Not In Our Town are recognizing the people in Metro Detroit who are helping to build safe, inclusive communities. Who's bringing people together in your community? Nominate them by texting the word “TOWN” to 6-9-8-6-6. Each day, we'll recognize someone new on-air and add their name to this page!

10/5/11: Olin Ezra Wade of Detroit

Olin started the Detroit Underground Initiative , a project that brings people together to Cass Park every other Sunday to feed the less fortunate in their community.

10/6/11: Kimberly DuVernay of Algonac

Kimberly founded CERG (Community and Education Reinvestment Group), a non-profit volunteer community group that is working to bridge the gap between adults and youth in her town through collective programs.

10/7/11: Rubel Shelley, President of Rochester College

Rubel facilitated the Early College Program partnership between Rochester College and Pontiac schools, which provides higher education opportunities to Pontiac high school students.

10/10/11: Reverend Gary Hall, Christ Church Cranbrook

Reverend Gary Hall works in Metro Detroit to bridge differences that foster misunderstanding and heal old wounds that continue to hurt.

10/11/11: Emily Eisele of Hamtramck

Emily brings people together by teaching community gardening to children in Pontiac at the HAVEN shelter.

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