New Soul Sunday

New Soul Sunday: 6-30-2013

Today's edition of New Soul Sunday features new music that holds a special place in your humble curator's heart. Tuesday marked the first proper release from our favorite Vienna-based Taiwanese songstress, Soia aptly entitled "Mood Swings" and produced by Mez. We'll listen to a couple of our favorite tracks of the release, as well as newly released singles from Wes Felton and Melanie Fiona. We'll also check out tunes from Leroy Hutson, Terry Callier, Remy Shand, and in case that's not enough, check out one of our favorite takes on an Isley Brother's classic (with all due respect to the Notorious B.I.G.)! Are you excited? I'm excited.




(New Release)
Soia Mood Swings Purchase
Turn It Up (Us3 Jazz Remix)
(Instrumental Music Bed)
Us3 Turn It Up EP
All The Way
(New Release)
Wes Felton Purchase
When Stars Collide
Andy Allo Superconductor Purchase
Heart Seed
DJ SUN/Leah Alvarez Purchase
Grow Up
(New Release)
Leah Smith
Night Bird
(Instrumental Music Bed; New Release (name your price via the purchase link) ===>)
Qiwu Tr3 Purchase
Save Today
(New Release)
Soia Mood Swings Purchase
The Way I Feel
Remy Shand The Way I Feel Purchase
Cold Piece
(New Release)
Melanie Fiona
Supastar (Kensaye Remix)
Morning Pages
(New Release)
Rabbi Darkside Prospect Avenue Purchase
Jazz Liberatorz/J. Live Clin D'Oeil
Backpackers (Instrumental)
(Instrumental Music Bed)
Jazz Liberatorz
Pay Attention
LiveSoul Reaching For The Starz
The Light
(Samples Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes." Welcome to Detroit, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope!)
Common Like Water For Chocolate
Jesse Boykins III
Trust Me
Herbie Hancock Feets Don't Fail Me Now