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Bankruptcy: The BIKEruptcy Tour

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Detroit's bankruptcy judge Steven Rhodes and city creditors went on a nearly 60-mile bus tour around the city on Friday. WDET's Sandra Svoboda and Todd Scott, with the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, went on that same tour Saturday -- but on bike.

Svoboda and Scott speak with Laura about their bike ride and what they saw.

"I feel the judge saw a pretty accurate view of the city in terms of the positive and the negatives and how it rapidly changes between both of them," said Scott.

This tour wasn't supposed to be a leisurely stroll through Detroit. The point was to give Rhodes some context for what he will hear during the city’s bankruptcy trial on the Plan of Adjustment, which restructures the debt and the city services. The attorneys had asked him to go along and really get some kind of idea of what’s out in the city.

"I think the focus of the judge seemed to be on residential and we saw some extremes in that regard," Svoboda said. "We saw some beautiful houses, well-maintained in Palmer Woods. We saw some middle class neighborhoods that seemed to be occupied. But we also saw some really blighted areas that were probably more extreme than the norm in the city where there’s one house missing or a couple burned out. Some of those blocks were really, really vacated I’m sure that made an impression for the judge."

In the map below, you can see exactly where the #BIKEruptcy tour went and the images and videos they took along the route.

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