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Young Black Men and the Police

September, 23, 2013

Photo courtesy of Seattle Times

A former Florida A&M football player who got into a car accident in North Carolina just over a week ago was killed with 10 gunshots from a police officer. Police had been called to the scene by a woman who thought the injured man, Jonathan Ferrell, was trying to intrude rather than trying to get help. The police officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. Does Ferrell’s death demonstrate a trend of prejudice against young African American men? With a handful of high-profile shooting deaths of unarmed men, are there extra precautions and training exercises that can/should be done to ensure unarmed, nonviolent people are not killed by police officers? Would African Americans be justified in lacking trust for the people whose job it is to protect us? Do cops unjustly get a bad rap for a few incidents in long list of arrests and encounters that go well, and by the book? Should police officers be given more leeway for putting themselves in harm’s way every day? NPR reporter, Julie Rose, Professor in the Michigan State Department of Sociology, Dr. Carl S. Taylor and attorney/former police officer/author of When Cops Kill Lance Lorusso all talk with the Craig Fahle Show about what it all could mean.

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