The Craig Fahle Show

Weekend The Wright Way, January 13 to 15

Weekend the Wright Way January 13 & 14

Tonight (Friday)

Tycho w/ Beacon and Dry Bones at the Crofoot - $15 – Doors @ 8pm Scott Hansen makes visual art under the name ISO50 and music under the moniker Tycho. Both ventures mirror each other as wistful and contemporary forms. It’s ethereal electronic music in the vein of Boards of Canada but less subversive. And he produces tunes for Ghostly International, a stamp of approval if there was one. More:

Wonderland Screening at the Old Redford Theatre - $20 – Doors @ 9pm The Producers of Detroit’s Burlesque/Variety answer to the classic tale by Lewis Carroll, will debut the new Wonderland DVD at the historic Redford Theatre. In addition to the new DVD being presented in High Definition, this Blue Carpet Wonderland party will feature live performances by members of the cast. For those who missed it, Wonderland takes the basic concept of an act-by-act variety show, combines it with the narrative story line adapted from Lewis Caroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and features a live score performed by our Wonderland band, The Glass Orphans. With everything from break-dancing playing cards to a mad tea party who’s sanity is literally hanging by the skin of it’s back, Wonderland is a modern retelling of a classic tale through music and burlesque. More:

2012’s DAM Design Show: Cocktail - $55 - 7 to 10 pm Thirteen local designers share their own process of creating cocktail tables, side tables and bars, starting with sketches to the finished salable product. DAM will once again host a runway show, this year featuring women’s cocktail evening wear by Emily Thornhill’s Homeslice Clothing. Runway show starts at 8:30 p.m. The evening includes special cocktail tastes from some of the region’s best makers and mixers and delicious appetizers from a wide array of Detroit’s specialty chefs. Greg Mudge DJ’s.

Saturday Night

Neil Young Tribute Night at Woodruff’s - 7 pm More than 14 musicians from across the state, inclusing Audra Kubat, Small Houses (Jeremy Quintin) and Caled Dillon (Starling Electric) covene in Ypsi to pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time.