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Former Detroit Police Chief Faces Off With Ficano

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Former Detroit Police Chief and Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans has thrown his hat in the ring in the race for Wayne County Executive. He will attempt to unseat current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, who is seeking a fourth term amid various scandals that have plagued his tenure.

"The first thing we need is an administration where the numbers are transparent,"

Evans says of Ficano's office. "There's some really systemic problems that need to be fixed... I don't think the trust is there with the state, I don't think the trust is there with the county commission."

Evans sites his history in the criminal justice system in his qualifications for the Wayne County Executive position. In regards to the boondoggle that is the Wayne County jail project, Evans says he was opposed to the new jail proposal from the beginning, primarily because there were not enough beds that the county would require.

"I think it can be salvaged," Evans says, "but will it be salvaged at a break-even amount? That's not going to happen."

Evans has been no stranger to criticism and scandal himself. He was fired by former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing after news surfaced that Evans was lobbying for a reality television program.

"It was not the most pleasant exit," says Evans. "But things happen. He who appoints, disappoints."

Evans joins a field running for Wayne County Executive that also includes state Representative Phil Cavanagh, Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara, and Westland Mayor Bill Wild.