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Super Tuesday Quiz on Thursday!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Craig welcomes two callers to battle it out on this week's Super Tuesday Quiz!

This week's quiz:

1-- Tonight the Vice Presidential candidates will have their first and only debate of 2012. Who were the vice presidential candidates who faced off in 2008?

2--What children’s show character made headlines after being mentioned during last week’s presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney? Bonus: Who mentioned Big Bird during the debate, and why?

3--Who moderated the Vice Presidential debate?

4--Former RNC Chair Michael Steele played the role of then-candidate Barack Obama during John McCain’s practice debate sessions in 2008. Who played the role of Mitt Romney during President Obama’s debate practice this year?

5--What former presidential candidate said during a debate he would put medicare in an “ironclad lockbox”?

6--Which presidential candidate first asked the American public during a debate “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

7--What presidential candidate said during a debate there was “no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe” during the Cold War.

8--Which presidential candidate refused to wear make-up for a televised debate... causing him to look sallow and sweaty, and perhaps helping cement his loss in the general election?

Answers: 1) Joe Biden and Sarah Palin; 2) Big Bird BONUS: Mitt Romney. Because he would like to cut federal funding for the Center for Public Broadcasting, (and therefore PBS.); 3)Martha Raddatz; 4)John Kerry; 5)Al Gore, 2000; 6)Ronald Reagan, 1980; 7)Gerald Ford, 1976; 8)Richard Nixon, 1960

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