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Breaking Down China, US Relationships

Creative Commons | See-ming Lee

China and United States are economic partners as well as world powers, yet what do we know about China?

Experts in Chinese business, culture and history explain the current relationship between the United States and China as well as the trajectory of this potential super power.

Alex Day, former historian of China at WSU, says that while many suggest the country may become an economic super-power, the level of consumption is low in comparison to the US. China's model of development is entirely different; it's infrastructure-driven, export-driven and focused on urbanizing

According to Day, China strives to grow from 50-54 percent urban today to 70 percent urban by 2030.

Jay Song is the Director of Strategic Planning, Nexteer Automotive. He says that, though the level of consumption in China is low in some sectors, the luxury goods market thrives.