The Craig Fahle Show

Listener's Choice Call-In: Scandal of Choice

Friday, May 17, 2013

Today’s Listener’s Choice Call-in might be called the Scandal of Choice call-in. Discuss what’s going on in Washington DC: Journalists Phone Records, Benghazi, the IRS scrutinizing right-leaning applications for tax exempt status.

Journalists Phone Records: The Obama Administration is saying they tapped the phone records of journalists to find out who was leaking sensitive information. Do you trust that our current government would only do this for reasons of national security? Or do you think they crossed the line?

Benghazi: The back and forth continues over the incident that left 4 Americans dead at the US Embassy in Benghazi. Now the President is asking Congress for funds to increase security at embassies around the world. Will Congress do it? Has the death of an ambassador been reduced to political fodder, or are there real issues that need to be addressed here?

The IRS scrutinized right leaning applications for tax exempt status. Heads have to begun to roll. Did the IRS run Amok? Do you think if the IRS had been flagging key words for organization on the left as well as the right, there would be no scandal?

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