The Craig Fahle Show

Podcast for Friday, August 17, 2012

On today's show, Craig invites listeners to call in with their opinions on the Woodward Dream Cruise and Patrick Doran, owner of Professional Guitars at 9 Mile and Woodward, speaks with Craig about how his business is affected by the Cruise. WDET's Laura Weber-Davis sits down with author Scott Lasser to discuss his latest novel, "Say Nice Things About Detroit."

Craig is joined by Deadline Detroit's Jeff Wattrick, Crain's Nancy Kaffer and WDET's Laura Weber-Davis for this week's Friday Follies. Topics for this week's Follies include the Dream Cruise: Love it or loath it, Kwame Kilpatrick, Former Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell represents himself in court and loses huge, VP pick Paul Ryan, faux-punditry outrage over negative messaging, DPS school board is back, CNN's plans to begin running reality TV shows to boost ratings, Megadeath: Obama staged Aurora shooting, ICP defends fans and sues the FBI, Miguel Cabrera and the end of the Olympics.

Actor and Comedian Hal Sparks drops by the studio before his back-to-back performances at the Magic Bag tonight (Aug. 17). The Magic Bag's Willy Wilson also joins Sparks in studio to discuss the funny man's lengthy career. WDET's Travis Wright joins Craig to talk about some of the best events happening in and around Detroit this weekend.