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Podcast for Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

On today's show Craig has a candid discussion with listeners about the latest Detroit homicide numbers released yesterday. Former Detroit Chief of Police Benny Napolean said that Detroit needs approximately 5,000 police officers on the streets, a number that is nearly double the amount of officers currently working in the city. Napoleon also attributed much of violent crime in Detroit to narcotics trafficking. Additionally, in 2004 Jeff Seidel, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press said, “More than 50 percent of all murders in Detroit are related to the drug trade. Most of these murders do not happen because someone is high; it comes from the business side. Buying. Selling. Protecting turf.”

This week on Friday Follies, Craig welcomes back Nancy Kaffer of the Detroit Free Press and Jeff Wattrick of Deadline Detroit. The trio discuss some of the biggest and strangest stories in the news this week. Fox Sports Detroit's Art Regner joins Craig to discuss the impact of life without hockey in Detroit. Rounding out the show, WDET's Travis Wright joins Craig to discuss some of the best events happening in and around Detroit this weekend.

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