The Craig Fahle Show

Podcast 05.08.14: Speaker Jase Bolger, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, and Warren Evans

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Speaker Jase Bolger: State Oversight of Detroit 'At Least 20 Years'

State House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) says the state should oversee Detroit's finances for "at least 20 years." That could be part of the state's proposal to contribute to the so-called "Grand Bargain," which would include a one-time state contribution of $195 million.

What to Do About Michigan's Crumbling Infrastructure

Today, business and community leaders are meeting in East Lansing to discuss how to improve the state’s infrastructure and ultimately use it to help attract new business. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is the keynote speaker for today’s event, and he joins Craig to share what he thinks should happen in the State and local government to address this.

Former Detroit Police Chief Faces Off With Ficano

Former Detroit Police Chief and Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans has thrown his hat in the ring in the race for Wayne County Executive. He will attempt to unseat current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, who is seeking a fourth term amid various scandals that have plagued his tenure.