The Craig Fahle Show

Obama Administration Changes Immigration Policy


The Obama Administration recently announced a major change to immigration policy - persons currently awaiting deportation trials are off the hook, unless they may pose a security threat. For this segment of the Craig Fahle Show, we explore what this means for immigrants and our country's immigration policy.

Craig sits down with Ryan Bates, Director of the Alliance for Immigration Reform; Lawrence Garcia, former President of the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan and Susan Reed; Supervising Attorney at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center to talk about this announcement.

Then, Craig follows up with Metro Detroit resident Vicki Echegiyen who we last spoke to the day before her husband was deported to Mexico this past Spring. We get an update on her family's situation as well as her reaction to the new policy.

Craig also speaks with David Koelsch; Assistant Professor of Law at UD Mercy-Immigration Law Clinic

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