The Craig Fahle Show

School Superintendents Weigh In on Education Legislation

Tuesday, Dec. 04, 2012

Oakland Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch; Bloomfield Hills Schools' Robert Glass; Farmington Public Schools Sue Zurvalec and West Bloomfield's Gerald Hill discuss why House Bill 6004, Senate Bill 1358 and House Bill 5923 are wrong for Michigan schools.

Superintendents around the state are very worried that the bills, which they say could lead to the privatization and corporatization of public education while diluting available funds, could pass through the "lame duck" session of the state legislature.

Markavitch, Glass, Hill and Zurvalec explain what these bills would do and why they are dangerous to the public school system.

This is part of a series on the propsed education legislation that continues throughout the week. To contact your legislator, click here.