The Craig Fahle Show

Can Yet Another Nonprofit Make a Difference in the City?

Thursday, Jan. 6, 2014

Five of Detroit’s east side communities are coming together to "promote housing, encourage economic development, fight crime and blight and help each other along." Jefferson East Inc. is a cooperative between two existing community development groups, rallying together Lafayette Park, River Town, The Villages, the Marina District and the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood.

Reporter Sandra Svoboda from Next Chapter Detroit says "the group is betting that it can attract people to Detroit’s east side as well as help the area endure the bankruptcy and thrive in the city’s restructuring."

Executive Director Josh Elling, Vice President Paulette Foster and Secretary Terese Ireland-Salisbur of Jefferson East, Inc., are in studio to discuss their plans stretching from the Detroit Riverfront to Mack.

Callers weigh in.