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Michigan Science Center Wants You To Say 'Wow'

Monday February 17, 2014

Photo Courtesy Of: My Fox Detroit

Dr. Tonya Matthews, President and CEO of The Michigan Science Center, joins Craig in the studio to talk about the importance of STEM, what the Michigan Science Center aims to do when you visit and all the new events and exhibits happening now. A new attraction includes a butterfly exhibit called "Wish Upon a Butterfly" and an IMAX film called Flight of the Butterflies.

Tonya says butterflies are loved by all, even 60-year-old men. Click play to hear Tonya's quote:

"There is also the wow factor. We have the butterfly exhibit going on right now and as cooky as it seems, I’ve seen 60-year-old men do the whole whoa thing when the butterfly lands on their should and they want somebody to take a picture."


President and CEO of Michigan Science Center, Dr. Tonya Matthews

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Dr. Tonya Matthews, President and CEO of the Michigan Science Center in Detroit