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Democratic Candidate for Governor Mark Schauer Unveils Education Priorities

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Democratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer unveiled his priorities for the future of K-12 education in Michigan, if he's elected and unseats Governor Rick Snyder. Schauer calls education his "top priority" in his campaign. He blasted Snyder for the controversial Education Achievement Authority, and for cuts and changes to the School Aid budget, and increased support for charter schools.

"I think we have to remove the profit motives from education in Michigan," says Schauer of charter schools. "Education is the great equalizer in our society. Candidly, what's happened in Michigan is kids are viewed with dollar-signs on their foreheads."

Republican leaders say Schauer's plans for education are hallow, and are devoid of direction.

“Today we learned Mark Schauer still has no plan and is trying to hide that fact with smoke and mirrors," said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak in a statement. "Mark Schauer’s education ‘priorities’ involve no numbers or policy proposals indicating how he would continue improving Michigan education. Thankfully, Governor Snyder has a real plan to move Michigan forward, and we’re seeing it in action today.”

Schauer gave credit to Governor Snyder for his attention to early childhood education. Since being elected in 2010, Snyder has pushed the state to support kids from preschool through college, rather than simply kindergarten through twelfth grade.

In his proposal statement, Schauer says, "Budget cuts have forced many schools to eliminate basics like art, music, vocational, and physical education classes. We need to ensure that this instruction is included in the curriculum so that students receive these important components of a well-rounded education. We must also make sure that students have access to specialized curriculum that prepares them for life in a modern, complex world such as computer skills and financial literacy."