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Ambassador Barukh Binah Says U.S.-Israel Connection is Key to Peace in Middle East

Friday, May 24, 2013

Is the United States-Israel connection the key to success of peace in the Middle East? Israeli Ambassador Barukh Binah thinks so.

The ambassador shares his thoughts on foreign policy with Craig Fahle, and describes Israel's relationship with neighboring countries: "we don't want to be patronizing to our neighbors; they have to want our help. It's up to them, not us."

Binah also admits that views on foreign policy and the answer to peace in the Middle East is a complicated one, even among Israelis: "Yes, we disagree. We thrive on this disagreement. That's the essence of a democracy."

How do you view America's relationship with Israel? Do you agree with Ambassador Binah's view that the United States-Israel connection is the key to peace in the Middle East?