The Craig Fahle Show

Middle East Update: From ISIS To Islamic State & Dwindling Iraqi Army

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wayne State University Lecturer in the Department of History and Near East & Asian Studies, Saeed Khan joins Craig for an update on ISIS and the current conflict in the Middle East. Saeed joined Craig recently to discuss the militant group, ISIS, and he joins Craig again today, to give an update on the latest activity in the region.

Craig asks Saeed about the borders of Iraq, and if we should expect those traditional borders to be changing soon. Saeed explains that the country’s current borders were created by the British in 1916, when the British Navy switched from coal to oil, and interests peaked in the region.

However, “Isis has essentially obliterated the border,” he says, and whether or not Iraq continues to maintain its current borders will be determined by the future and what the country does to preserve their own strategic interests. Of course, religious factions in the region are a crucial part of the country’s divisions and further exacerbated by ISIS (now referred to as the Islamic State).

Considering the marginalization of the Sunni population in the country, coupled with ISIS’s efforts to take full advantage of the ideological fracturing of Iraq, Saeed says that confidence is dwindling among members of the Iraqi army.

“It’s a battle of egos,” and although Saeed doesn’t anticipate an expanded conflict, the region is continuing to change as the current situation evolves.

--Annamarie Sysling