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Gongwer Discovers More Info In Bolger-Schmidt Case

Wednesday August 15, 2012

Yesterday, Gongwer News Service released information they discovered through a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the alleged election rigging by Rep. Roy Schmidt and House Speaker Jase Bolger. According to Gongwer, a police report shows that the Department of State waited two months before giving surveillance camera footage to a State Police investigator which showed Rep. Schmidt speaking with Matthew Mojzak, the man who Rep. Schmidt and House Speaker Bolger paid to run as a Democratic straw candidate in Rep. Schmidt's district. At this time, Rep. Schmidt was denying ever knowing Mojzak. The police report also shows that State Police uncovered text messages which show Rep. Schmidt and House Speaker Bolger openly discussing using Mojzak as a straw candidate. After finding these text messages, State Police attempted to obtain search warrants to access Rep. Schmidt's email account and phone records and House Speaker Bolger's phone records, but were ultimately told by Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth that no charges would be brought and that the search warrants would be cancelled.

Craig speaks with Zach Gorchow, Editor of Gongwer News Service, about this newly discovered information and what it means for the case going forward.

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