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Friday Follies for June 20, 2014:Cushingberry Cleared, Grand Bargain Signed, Redskins Lose Trademark

June 20, 2014

Pulitzer Prize winner and Fox 2 Reporter M.L. Elrick, Ashley Woods of the Detroit Free Press and Amy Haimerl of Crain's Detroit Business discuss the news that was this week. Among the headlines on the docket this week:

Detroit bankruptcy attorneys suggest bus tour for judge, creditors say it would be “too dangerous

Cushingberry cleared due to lack of evidence

Grand Bargain signing...What’s next?

'Traditional' Population Isn't Growing

General Motors banned unpleasant words

GM wins the most JD Powers awards from owners of GM vehicles..

Kayaker wasnt immigrating, He just had to relieve himself

Redskins lose trademark

Yahoo’s ethnicity

Could a rise in the federal gas tax fix the roads? It’s bi-partisan...

Taubman selling malls

Texas politics will be a tv drama

FBI creates twitter speak dictionary

Nuns sue Strip Club

Tigers Manager Jokes About Beating Wife